Delicious Biriyani
Right At The Heart Of Toronto


Head towards 2900 Eglinton Ave, Toronto, to enjoy this wonderful cuisine that is authentic and delicious all the time.

Fragrant meat in a soulful gravy and rice cooked with spices are married together by slow cooking again in layers. Topped with fried onions, sultana raisins and cashew nuts, a true Thalassery biriyani is the thing to live for!


The soul of Thalassery biriyani lies in the masala. Onions are slow-cooked with green chillies, ginger, and garlic. Tomatoes are added to the mix and cooked till they vanish in the mix. Marinated chicken with cilantro and mint are then slow-cooked until the chicken is soft and juicy. Fresh garam masala is added before cooking for a few more minutes.

Thalassery Cuisine refers to the delicious cuisine from Thalassery, a town in northern Kerala, has blended in Arabian, Persian, Indian and European styles of cooking as a result of its long history as a maritime trading post. Thalassery is known for its Tellichery Biriyani.